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Mission and Vision

Quantum's mission is to teach and advise its customers—whatever their function, size, or starting point—to improve customer satisfaction and performance results. Quantum's vision is to energize agencies and organizations worldwide through performance excellence technology transfer.

Business Expertise

Quantum Performance Group assists organizations in building an effective management system capable of driving performance improvement. This is an ongoing challenge because of the intricate web of complex relationships among management, labor, customers, stakeholders, partners, and suppliers. The best organizations have a management system that improves their work processes continually. They measure every key facet of business activity and closely monitor organizational performance. Leaders of these organizations set high expectations, value employees and their input, communicate clear directions, and align the work of everyone to achieve organizational goals and optimize performance.

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria for Performance Excellence and scoring guidelines are powerful assessment instruments that help leaders identify organizational strengths and key areas for improvement. This is Quantum's specialty.

Because of the complexity of modern management systems, the Criteria used to examine them may be complex and difficult to understand. Quantum experts help Performance Excellence examiners and organization improvement practitioners to clearly understand the Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria and the linkages and relationships between Items.