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Symposia, Conference, and Meeting Management

An important and resource-intensive part of performance improvement is communcations and sharing best practices, lessons learned, and state of the art in technical and nontechnical disciplines Quantum has long-term expertise in conferences, workshops, seminars, and symposia; strategy and planning, budgeting, and cost control, site selection, marketing and promotion, travel services, agenda preparation, and minutes/report preparation and distribution.

Symposia, Confrence, and Meeting Management and Delivery Services

• Pre-event and Event Consultations
• Site Management and Logistics
• Budget and Procurement
• Execution and Management
• Administrative Support
• Event Equipment
• Reorting and Follow-up

Instructor Course

As part of conference management services, we teach and develop tools for successful meetings, workshops, conference sessions, and symposia. Measurable goals, outcomes, budgeting, reporting, minutes distribution, and follow-up taskings are part of this online course and tool kit.