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Quantum provides a full range of services under the MOBIS (Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services) category including consulting, training, publications and/or materials, and assessment surveys. Quantum helps organizations use the Baldrige criteria for performance excellence to assess and improve their management systems. This may include training examiners to assess organizational strengths and weaknesses, providing actionable feedback, and even coordinating several teams of examiners system wide.

Quantum's Federal Government customers require their quality training to:

  • be relevant on the job; use relevant examples
  • contain practical and useful tools and concepts
  • have interesting and informative content
  • be taught at the appropriate level
  • be built on organizational values and culture
  • contain all instruction necessary for implementation
  • incorporate highly interactive classes
  • teach Just-In-Time methods and concepts

General Services Administration
Federal Supply Service
Authorized Federal Supply Schedule

Industrial Group 874
Industrial Class 8742
Contract No. GS-23F-7100H
Contract Period: October 1, 2002-September 30, 2012

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