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Baldrige in Brief

Baldrige in Brief provides a pocket-sized guide to the key points of this complex management system.

Information is provided for each of the Items that comprise the Criteria. This includes:

  • An explanation of the essence of the Item with some suggestions about meeting key requirements
  • Some key linkages between each Item and the other Items
  • Examples of effective practices and results that some organizations have developed and followed. These present ideas about how to meet requirements. A brief explanation of the changes in the Criteria is also provided

Baldrige in Brief will help you indentify some of the most important points as you incorporate the Criteria into your day-to-day work. However, for a complete, in depth analysis of the Baldrige Criteria and information about site visits and self-assessments, see Mark Blazey's book, Insights to Performance Excellence --An Inside Look at the Baldrige Award Criteria, published by Quality Press, the American Society for Quality.

Copies of Baldrige in Brief may be purchased directly from Quantum Performance Group, Inc.

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