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Background and History

Quantum Performance Group, Inc. is a small business incorporated in 1991 in New York State with an established record of high productivity and effectiveness. It has extensive experience in high-performance work systems, work process improvement, strategic planning, conference and symposia management services, customized computer-related services, and leadership development in the private, government, health care, and education sectors.

Quantum is a valued and dependable supplier of performance excellence training and consulting. It has planned and supported numerous organization-wide continuous improvement efforts for government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Equally as important, Quantum has helped increase the internal capacity of these organizations so they can continue their success independently in the future.

Quantum is a founding member of the New York State Governor's Excelsior Award. Quantum has trained examiners for the United States Army and National Guard as well as numerous state award programs including Alabama, Delaware, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, and Wisconsin, having designed and delivered training for several thousand state quality examiners since 1991. Additionally, Quantum helped establish and manage the quality award program for Aruba, Dutch Caribbean. Quantum specializes in helping organizations develop and implement Baldrige-based assessment and improvement systems, including state and national award programs.

Quantum provides products and services to help organizations communicate, assess, and improve their performance. Quantum delivers training, assessment, and consulting services for Baldrige-based assessments on leadership, planning, customer satisfaction, process management, employee development, and other drivers of high performance.