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Insights to Performance Excellence in Health Care 2006

Over the past decade, organizations of all types have used the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria to evaluate key processes, monitor performance, and guide improvement. However, as the face of business becomes more and more complex, the criteria used to examine these companies have become complex and difficult to understand, too. Many of these organizations have gained an invaluable understanding of the Baldrige Criteria through Mark Blazey's Insights to Performance Excellence series, which offers a thorough and logical explanation of the criteria while providing a clear guide to improving organizational performance.

This best-selling publication has been written specifically for health care organizations and their leaders. Adapted to reflect the content of the Baldrige 2006 Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence, this book presents criteria and scoring guidelines that can be used as powerful assessment instruments. These tools will help identify organizational strengths and areas in need of improvement, as well as set priorities and design action plans.

Highlights of the 2006 edition:

  • New information from the 2006 Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence to help leaders focus on priority opportunities for improvement and understand better the role they must play in refining their management systems and processes
  • A review guideline for examiners that highlights processes required at the Basic, Overall, and Multiple levels of scoring
  • An updated analysis of some of the adverse consequences organizations may face by failing to implement processes required by the performance excellence criteria
  • Additional definitions to enhance understanding of key words in the Criteria and Scoring Guidelines
  • A CD that includes a full-length health care case study designed to help leaders envision role model practices as part of a system of health care delivery, not a list of isolated practices

Copies of Insights to Performance Excellence in Health Care 2003 may be purchased directly from Quantum Performance Group, Inc. To order, contact Quantum Performance Group at 585-394-3700 or email at Info@QuantumPerformance.com.