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Insights to Performance Excellence in Education 2003

Educational institutions throughout the country have discovered the benefits of using the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria to evaluate their organizations and improve overall performance. However, as education continues to change and become more complex, so do the criteria used to evaluate it. Often, educational leaders are confused or intimidated by the complicated language of the criteria. Thousands of educational leaders have gained a much better understanding of the Baldrige Award Criteria through Insights to Performance Excellence in Education 2003, which thoroughly explains and details the criteria in plain English. This expertly written guide defines the Baldrige Criteria clearly and succinctly, using diagrams and charts to identify the key areas, and a detailed glossary to explain difficult terms.

The criteria and scoring guidelines presented in this book can be used as powerful assessment tools that will help the leaders of educational organizations identify areas in need of improvement, set priorities, and design action plans. Schools at every level that systematically apply these criteria will discover improved performance from their faculty and increased academic achievement from their students. These improvements are needed to help educators meet the challenges of the new millennium.

New to the 2003 edition:

  • New Information from the 2003 Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence to help leaders focus on priority opportunities for improvement and understand better the role they must play in refining their management systems and processes
  • Focus on Leadership and an assessment tool for Leaders of Educatational Organizations
  • A review guideline for examiners that highlights processes required at the Basic, Overall, and Multiple levels of scoring
  • An analysis of some of the adverse consequences educational organizations may face by failing to implement processes required by the Performance Excellence Education Criteria
  • Additional definitions to enhance understanding of key words in the Education Criteria and Scoring Guidelines
  • An in-depth site visit guide that will maximize the value of each site visit
  • An updated and enhanced CD to help your organization prepare to self assess and apply for the Malcolm Baldrige Award

Copies of Insights to Performance Excellence in Education 2003 may be purchased directly from Quantum Performance Group, Inc. To order, contact Quantum Performance Group at 585-394-3700.